Walkman Dancing at 13th and Sherman

Leaving work one evening in October I came across this guy dancing to his Walkman. Yep, a Walkman. The Sony Walkman D-FS601 personal sport CD player to be exact. Last made, as far as I can tell, in 2002. I’m assuming he was dancing to some Latina punk by FEA according to his T-shirt. He didn’t give a shit that I took photos of him from my car, or that people had to walk around him on the sidewalk, and he actually seemed to enjoy the attention. As suddenly as he started, he stopped and walked on toward the capitol. Gotta love Capitol Hill.

Pedro’s First Trip to RMNP

It was Pedro’s first trip to Rocky Mountain National Forest (Pedro — it’s Park, not Forest) and the park and it’s residents didn’t disappoint. Traffic was a bitch. Damn free days. I bet they lost 50 grand or more in revenue that day. I can’t do the math — what is $20 a car times a shit-load of cars?